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    The Application of Vision

  • Animations


    Penetrate hidden realities

  • Multimedia


    Extend yourself - Be seen - Be heard

  • Audio Visuel

    Audio visual process

    Advanced client relations starts here

  • Formations


    To see is to learn


"We specialise in producing cost effective and great looking audio video Sales & Marketing material, processes, instructions, guides , client information videos, training material, manuals, web sites and applications."


"Ever had important instructions or key processes misunderstood or just ignored? That's a risk you take when the only format you use is a written instruction.  Have you analysed  the impact, the cost or the effect on customer confidence?  Our services and products enhance comprehension, save your money and boost customer satisfaction.


No matter what service or product we provide, using great animations, crisp audio, imaginative video and imagery, we Cre8tively communicate your ideas into a message designed to reach your target audience. 

Cre8tive Services & Products

A quick look at our services and products.

  • Marketing & Sales Videos

    Marketing & Sales Videos

    The title says it all - We produce High Quality, Very Imaginative, Cost Effective, Sales and Marketing videos. We produce to match your requirements. We deliver "On budget" not "Low Budget" productions. We work to your specifications and ensure that you get the wow factor you're looking for before we even start.


  • Animations and Compilations

    Animations and Compilations

    Be innovative, arouse excitement, be entertaining or be serious. Whatever your needs dictate, our animations can help you to convince or charm your target audience. We can assist with elements of your production from design and conception through to finished article. If you have something difficult to explain, keep it simple and let us animate your life.


  • 3D Modelling & CAD

    3D Modelling & CAD

    We use a number of methods for modelling depending on your requirements, the end purpose and the expected level of resolution, accuracy and definition.

    We have modelled conceptual ideas with no more information than a rough sketch on the back of an envelope to work with.  However, most of the time we model from photos, illustrations, copying the actual item and CAD plans.


  • Web Sites

    Web Sites

    As an extension of our marketing services we also produce nice clean websites and applications that take full advantage of our modelling, animation and production abilities. If you need to work with a company that will lead you every step of the way and transport a vague idea into a solid business tool, then discover just how easy it can be with our team assisting you.


  • Instructions. Processes & Training Material

    Instructions. Processes & Training Material

    Processes and instructions can be boring! Boring leads to errors. Errors mean loss of time, materials and ultimately MONEY. We produce amazingly clear, innovative and very functional products to replace your current processes or instructions. We also make your Heath & Safety, Environmental and Quality management stress levels fall by producing material people want to use and can't fail to understand.


Where Are We

As our name sugestes we have an international presence



Based in France we
offer a multilingual service
to all of Europe

North America

North America

We have physical presences from
Toronto, Canada
to Dallas, Texas

Asia Pacific

Australia and Asia

Based near Sydney and in
Bangkok, Thailand
for Asia

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